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nils&paul choose Craft CMS.

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When we started building websites together in 2012, using WordPress seemed the logical choice. It's free, lots of plugins were available, and it did what it had to do. At least, that was what we thought. When, after a couple of months, the first upgrades started flowing in, the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. We don't like dirty fans, so the search for 'something better' started ...

At the same moment Pixel & Tonic, an American company well known for building a number of widely used plugins for the ExpressionEngine CMS, launched the beta version of a new CMS called Blocks. Blocks became Craft CMS, and we fell in love. From that moment on, Craft was our go-to solution.

The reasons we use Craft CMS

  1. Support
    It's never taken more than a day to get an answer for one of our Craft related questions. The creators are more than willing to help you out. That, and a large, friendly online community make working with Craft a dream.
  2. Complete, without plugins
    For a lot of CMS'es, plugins are the Achilles heel when it comes to security and scalability. In Craft, plugins are truely optional. Sure, a lot of Craft plugins exist, but most functionality is included in the CMS. Localization, for example, something other systems only offer after installing a plugin, is deeply rooted in Craft CMS. Automatic image scaling or cropping, using cache to speed up your website, and an extensive set of user permissions? All in the box.
  3. A flexible content structure
    Craft doesn't dictate the way you structure content. We do. That flexibility gives us the opportunity to build the CMS to our exact specs. Or, to our client's skills.
  4. Easily extendable
    However flexible and complete Craft is, there can always be something you need that's not included. Craft lets you do this, and it's not even that hard. For us. Craft was built in a way that allows us to be able to extend it in ways that are hard to imagine for anyone coming from Wo ... other CMS'es. And, it's built on top of the Yii framework, a solid framework known for its scalability and extendability.
  5. Building versus adjusting
    There's a big difference between building a website, and buying and altering a default theme. With Craft, every website starts as a bunch of white pixels, allowing us to build the things we need. We think building new things beats altering other people's work. Always.
  6. Ease of use
    Of course, we gently guide our clients into using Craft CMS. However, a lot of things in the control panel are not that hard to understand. Craft's CP is clean and clear, and lets you focus completely on the content you're creating.