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We believe in a pragmatic approach
to the maddening chaos the web has become.
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The web, and the way it's built, changes on a daily basis. If time has tought us anything, it's that we should not, and can not, change our methods and processes with every new piece of software or altered 'best practice'. That conviction has lead to a reliable base on which all our activities are founded.

Content strategy

We believe in a content first approach. You should know the content of your site, even before you start designing it. And will this content be for your website only, or do you create interchangeable, multi purpose content? We love to help you think about this. Remember: it all starts with good content.


We use Craft CMS for webshops and web applications. This reliable CMS is built on top of a proven framework, Yii. For webshops, we use Craft Commerce. Why? Because we know it works. Flexible, scalable and easy to adjust to our client's wishes.


A good website needs good hosting, whether that's shared hosting, or hosting on its own server. DirectVPS is our go-to hosting partner. They deliver quality, monitor all our servers and respond to questions in the quickest way humanly possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Do you offer SEO"? Well, it depends. The websites we build are technically optimized for search engines. We love to share our views and opinions on your site's content and its structure. We've read about it a lot, and we can tell quite a lot about the optimal meta title length. But in the end, what it comes to: do your site's visitors find whatever they're searching for? Again ... it all starts with good content.